Understanding The Module Of BIM: Building Information Modeling

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss what, how, and why BIM Technology is important for both the Architects in Gurgaon and the client. We will see how this technology has become the need of the hour in the field of architecture.

BIM is an acronym for the software used by the architects – Building Information Modelling. It is a software platform that involves numerous stakeholders from diverse fields such as architects, engineers, and construction-based professionals making this whole task a multidimensional work.

BIM generates 3D design models of the building structures incorporating the tasks of planning, designing, and construction by professionals. The access to designs is then extended to owners of the buildings so as to keep them informed about every stage of the building project as well as about the full view of the building structure. In addition to this, BIM facilitates an informed decision-making process for an individual for his or her building or property.

BIM overtakes the erstwhile modules of blueprints and drawings that Top Architects in Gurgaon and planners used to express the view of the building. However, the problem and in this digital age a challenge lies in the 2D design of the buildings. The 2D design approach made it difficult to know and visualize the real dimensions and requirements of the building. It was only during the construction phase or in the final phase that a certain requirement was understood and dealt with by the architect and other professionals.

Sharing the Actionable Information – The BIM is all about application-based action that can be taken by the professionals of Architecture Firms in Gurgaon with the help of the information that is derived from the software.

The end objective is to make the whole field of architecture and construction an efficient one with minimal wastage and delay as one uses this technology-based software application of BIM.

Source: ACad Studio

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