Ways to Choosing Perfect Domain Name| Catchy domains

How often do you usually consider doing domain research before getting to a purchasing point?

How often do you think of the struggles users will go through accessing your website or blog?
How often do you through competitor domains and check the type of content published on the sites?

A domain name is the number 1 factor to consider in SEO
If you noticed, most big companies have six (6) digitalized domain names for example







A minute , why is your domain name so important that also big companies consider?

A domain name is your number one SEO Factor-Unique brand domains literally has low competition since no one is branded similarly to your brand,thus SEO Crawling and indexation will be easier in Google
A domain name is your first Impression-In terms of services/products/aim, users are able to have expectations , consider a name like SEO-analyzer.com Its obvious that the site is going to contain Search engine applications.
A domain name is your default URL presentaion-consider this two domain names https://web-tools.info/ and https://hwbs-57840j78494h849.info
Suppose the two sites have similar services,its obviously that most users will consider visiting the first service consider to the second.

Shorter domain names makes it cheap for both users to master

How do you choose the right domain name
1. Use Popular Extensions
This extensions include .com /.net/.io/.co.ke/.me

Our advice: Go with .com. If that’s taken, try .net or .org. If these are taken too, you’d be better off brainstorming a new domain name.

2.Use shorter Domain names
Considering these two big companies,Youtube.com and Google.com , Aim for 6-14 characters – and remember the shorter, the better. Most likely the shorter domain names are taken a long time ago and sold for thousands of dollars. If you can’t find something short, make it brandable and expense it in future

3.Make it Memorable
Make sure to choose a

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