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What Are The Faults Of The Pellet Feed Machine? How To Solve? How Is Its Maintenance Carried Out?

What Are The Faults Of The Pellet Feed Machine? How To Solve? How Is Its Maintenance Carried Out?

Submitted by • August 12, 2019

What are the faults of the pellet feed machine? How to solve? How is its maintenance carried out?
Pellet feed machine, it is one of the products in the website, and it is a more important one. Therefore, for us, although there is this content in the front, there are not many, so it is still necessary to edit this aspect. The content is explained so that everyone can learn through the website, and thus increase the amount of knowledge in this area, and better understand the product of the pellet feed machine.
1. Failure analysis and solution of pellet feed machine
In the course of using the pellet feed machine, the main failure problems are:
(1) When the flat mold is used for the first time, the mold hole finish is relatively poor.
(2) The moisture content of the material is too high or too low.
(3) The gap between the pressure roller and the flat die is too large, or the wear is relatively serious.
(4) The triangle belt is slippery or aging.
For the above faults, the measures that can

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