What Are The Signs Of An Eye Infection?

The signs of an eye infection can vary depending on the type of infection and can include:

Redness: The eye may appear red or inflamed.

Pain: The eye may feel sore, tender, or uncomfortable.

Discharge: The eye may produce a thick, yellow, or green discharge.

Itching: The eye may feel itchy or irritated.

Swelling: The eyelid may be swollen or puffy.

Light sensitivity: the eye may be sensitive to light

Blurred vision: The person may have difficulty seeing clearly.

Tearing: The eye may produce excessive tears.

Crusting of eyelashes: The person may wake up with dried discharge on the eyelashes.

Fever: The person may have a fever if the infection is caused by bacteria.

It's important to note that some of these symptoms can also be caused by other conditions such as allergies, dry eyes or conjunctivitis, it's always best to see an eye specialist if you suspect an eye infection.

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