What is Augmented Reality and It's Benefits

This article will provide you some basic and advanced knowledge about Augmented Reality and its Benefits and you can also see the need for Augmented Reality and how it works. So read the full article for a better understanding.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality in such a way that to show the imaginary thing in the real world. Let’s understand it in other words
Augmented Reality is such a technology by which we find something in front of us without its presence in the real world. We can also say it is AR only because it’s the short form of Augmented Reality.
Examples: Some features of Snapchat, Instagram, Your Mobile Camera, Pokémon Go, etc…

How Augmented Reality Works.

Tracking Object
This is the first task of Augmented Reality is to track any object because, with the help of this, further work will be determined. Like – The next work will be on the basis of a video or on the basis of an image. You can track any object in Augmented Reality with the help of your mobile camera. After that, if the object is moving, then its second step is Motion Tracking.
Motion Tracking
Two things are needed for the Motion Tracking of an object, the first camera, and the second gyroscope. (Gyroscope is a kind of sensor with the help of which it is easy to maintain the balance of any object). With the help of a gyroscope, you can track the motion of any object well. This also gives knowledge of directions, with the help of which Augmented Reality has been made much better.
Distance Measurement
With the help of it, it is easy to measure the distance between things, due to which Augmented Reality looks even more real. Augmented Reality has been made even better with the help of Distance Measurement.

Light Estimation
Light Estimation is such a thing, with the help of which the difference between being real and imaginary can be told. With this, it is determined where the shadow of that object will be formed.

Benefits of Augmented Reality
There are many benefits of Augmented