What to Consider Before Choosing a Cosplay

Cosplay has played a major role in many culture’s histories, and ever since its origin, it has been providing people with a unique way to express stories, individualism, and more. In the past, it was mostly used when attending carnivals or special gatherings, and most often practiced by people with high social status. Now, it’s a global phenomenon.

In recent years the popularity of cosplay has expanded significantly. It’s no longer limited to any social class or race; instead, it’s become an accepting, diverse community. The ever-growing popularity of Halloween and cosplay events means more costume and event variants are emerging into mainstream culture. Moreover, with all-new movie franchises and universes being created every day, cosplay is no longer just a medium of expressing fandom – it has turned into a very effective way to build community.

Needless to say, with great costumes comes great responsibility. To pull off an impeccable cosplay, there’s multiple key factors to consider, and it can be overwhelming at first. Let’s take a look at the top factors to consider!


This is a common challenge for all cosplayers, especially when embodying anime, manga, or video game characters with less than realistic hair standards. These difficult hairstyles are often the most recognizable, and can give a cosplay more authenticity. When it comes to character hairstyles, being a perfectionist may not be the best idea as it can be frustrating trying to mimic their intense hairstyles. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: a pre-styled wig. Opting for a pre-styled character wig saves time and tears, and it leaves your hair healthy and protected underneath!