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Best Buy accepts returns without a receipt. However, refunds require an email address and may be declined or limited. Best Buy doesn't have an internal system for searching orders, so... Read More

Best Buy generally offers a 15-day return and exchange policy for most products, although additional terms and conditions may apply. For detailed information, visit the Best Buy website or contact... Read More

Geek Squad prices are as low as $14.99 to install a tablet protector or up to $249.99 to mount and configure a TV. Geek Squad performs repairs, setups, data recovery... Read More

You can access the Best Buy Schedule Appointment software to book, cancel or reschedule appointments by clicking here and filling out your details. Please schedule only one appointment, as scheduling... Read More

Prices below are accurate as of February 1, 2024 (do not include taxes). For uBreakiFix, pricing is based on non-Apple parts unless otherwise noted with an asterisk. I have found... Read More