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The seashore which has preserved for centuries the history of a powerful Kingdom ruled by the Pallavas is Mahabalipuram located in Chennai, the capital of the South Indian state Tamilnadu.The... Read More

The city of temples and the administrative capital of the Kanchipuram District is the city Kanchipuram situated on the banks of the Veghavathy River. The city is 75 Km away... Read More

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Kedarnath is also a treat to trekkers especially with the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas that surround the temple. One must not miss the grand Badri - Kedar Utsav that... Read More

Nava means nine, rathri means night, the custom of praying to the God and Goddess for nine days is rooted to the Hindu culture from time immemorial. Navratri is a... Read More

Lakhs and lakhs of people floating into the town with milk pots on their heads, beautifully decorated wooden decks on their shoulders, lances pierced into their bodies, it is great... Read More

Life’s too short to stop and change into different shoes. That’s the philosophy that guides us to create designs that can go from one activity to the next without the... Read More

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Major challenges in the transport industry till today, are the complexities in deploying huge servers, demanding bandwidth, integrating multiple stakeholder’s interests and precision commissioning methodologies. Vandi provides the innovative edge... Read More

So much more than just a home, AFFINITY is your key to a charmed life. As neighbour to Serangoon Gardens, soaks in its laidback atmosphere and myriad conveniences, from famed... Read More

Hyll on Holland residents would be able to enjoy great accessibility with just a variety of F&B and lifestyle amenities in Holland Village and Dempsey just a short drive away.... Read More